FET 420K

With Two-Axis Compensator and Laser Pointer


  • 2 large easy-to-read LCDs
  • Simultaneous reading of horizontal and vertical circle
  • Illumination of display and field of view
  • Clockwise / anti-clockwise horizontal angle reading
  • „0“ set or hold of horizontal circle at any desired position
  • „V“ circle reading in gon / degrees or % of slope

Technical data

Magnification 30 x
Clear objective aperture 45 mm
Shortest focusing distance 1,4 m
Angle measurement incremental
Accuracy 4 mgon (20”)
Minimum reading 2 mgon (10”)
Compensator Dual axis
Measuring units 400 gon/360°/mil
Lasser class
Beam diameter
Maximum visibility
Optical plummet 3 x
Focusing range 0,5 – ∞
Plate level 30”/2 mm
Circular level 8’/2mm
Operating time / Power supply 35 h NiMH/ 40 h Alkaline
Theodolite und laser
Temperature range -20°C – +50°C
Dust / water protection IP54
Tribrach detachable
Weight 4 kg
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